Notable Square Amps Artists:

Tyler Childers – One of the best country artists ever

Chris Stapleton – Grammy winning country music singer/songwriter/guitarist

Tyler Bryant – Texas blues/rock and roll guitarist for Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown

Dave Cobb – Grammy winning Nashville producer and owner of historic RCA studio A

Vance Powell – Grammy winning producer/mixer Sputnik Sound Studios

Sun Studios – The legendary studio and birthplace of rock and roll in Memphis TN

Laur Joamets – Sturgill Simpson

Neil Fallon – singer/guitarist Clutch

Sarah Shook – Sarah Shook and the Disarmers

Ed Kowalczyk – singer/guitarist LIVE

Justin Johnson – Roots/Blues guitarist extraordinaire

J Robbins – Magpie Cage Studio, Jawbox, Channels, Burning Airlines, Government Issue

Ryan Ross – Panic At The Disco / The Young Veins

Rafael Moreira – American Idol, The Voice, Pink, Magnetico

Lazer Lloyd – American/Israeli singer, songwriter, and blues guitarist

Chris Condon – Top Nashville session guitarist

Matthew Hoopes – Relient K

Dockside Studios – World renowned recording studio in Maurice Louisiana